Digital turnover reporting is a win-win

Set up a seamless process that helps your team collect store performance figures without jumping from email to spreadsheet and drastically improve response time.


Are your turnover reports an inconsistent jumble of information?

Tenants report their sales figures in the way and in the format they want. Some even prefer providing their turnover reports on paper. On top of that emails pile up in several recipient mailboxes and there's still a chance you miss a couple of them. How many hours do you spend gathering the information from different sources?


Reminding tenants to report their turnover becomes a part-time job?

Reporting turnover is the last thing your tenants think of. They put it off or simply forget to do it on time. Your property management team is in a vicious circle of sending reminders, chasing tenants and still missing the deadlines.


Tired of copy-pasting and entering data manually again and again?

The process of entering data into a spreadsheet manually is never mistake-free. The files require tedious reformatting before they can be uploaded to your financial or invoicing system. Spotting and correcting an error at this stage results in hours wasted on double-checking all data sources.


Sounds familiar?

Download our One Pager here to learn how to
speed up the Turnover Reporting process and
save up to 1000 hours per year in your portfolio.

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